About Us


We are two Italian architects and 10 years ago we founded FATmaison, a design and project management office that has developed projects all over the world, working with some lead Italian and international groups.

Our passion, creativity and curiosity – which have always driven us – have led us to give birth to a new exciting project: Izybeau.
With our bags we aim to communicate our vision of design, our interpretation of beauty, elegance, luxury and fashion.

Whereas many brands move towards custom-made products, Izybeau comes forward with its unique identity, charm and personality – obviously 100% Made in Italy.

The Collection

Our collection consists of 400 bags in limited edition, created through innovative research and development, hand-stitched in Italy; we meticulously took care of every single detail with the close collaboration of some excellent Italian artisans and firms.
We are manufacturing 5 models, each one of which is meant for different moments in your everyday life: the shopper, the satchel, the clutch, the backpack and the sling.

Every model is available in 3 color variations: classic beige, strict black and creative blue.

The Materials

Particular attention has been given to the choice of materials, for whose knowledge our experience in the world of interior design has played a fundamental role:

  • the chosen fabric is antimicrobial, waterproof and resistant to scratches and to everyday use. It’s commonly used for dental and medical chairs;
  • the selected leather is normally used for couches and armchairs, it’s graphic-printed and particularly thick (almost 2mm);
  • the small metal components are made of gunmetal-color brass, not of Zamak (much softer and lower-grade), to give more resistance and durability;
  • last but not least, fiberglass is our crucial choice, with its amazing resilience and plasticity. It’s usually employed in the nautical world, where it’s powder-coated just like the body of a car. We have reinvented its usage and technique: the hand-crafted plates have been laser-cut into the required shapes and covered with gelcoat; every difference in thickness, every microbubble, every imperfection is due to the nature of the raw material, that we don’t want to cover too much with paint coatings.

Unique Luxury

At the inside, every bag has a unique sequential code and a hand-sewed QR-code as a guarantee of its originality and of its owner’s identity.

Izybeau chose to work in luxury because of the powerful emotions it can trigger in a person’s soul.

In our perspective, the greatest luxury is to own something unique, not to show off an industrial brand that everyone could buy: due to their singolarity and exclusivity, our bags can be considered as real design items.

We are not simply searching for customers, but looking for a Maecenas who’s able to recognise and appreciate their distinctive features, becoming a passionate brand-ambassador.

The Journey

Izybeau is the extention of the journey we’ve started with FATmaison services, now in the form of a product.

Our souls want us to be citizens of the World, so we have to keep on moving and travelling in search of Beauty.

Our bag collection is the result of our mindset, and so is the selling strategy we’ve chosen.

Izybeau isn’t meant to be stuck in a local shop; it has to travel to become an International brand and to breathe the air of the World.

Our Partners

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